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For United States orders, please expect to receive your ReliefPal within 2-7 business days with standard shipping and 1-4 business days with express shipping. For orders outside the United States please expect to receive your ReliefPal in 6-12 business days.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yep! We offer a 100-day 100% money back guarantee! If you for some reason are not satisfied with your ReliefPal, contact us at support@myreliefpal.com and let us know you would like to return your ReliefPal. From there, we can send you instructions and a paid parcel label. 


Scroll down to the end of our product page to view our frequently asked questions about the ReliefPal!

Relieve From Period Pain Fast With ReliefPal

By using high heat & our vibro-massage technology, ReliefPal provides you with an easier period no matter where you are. There has never been a solution for period pain until now. No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day. The ReliefPal is the ultimate portable period pain relief device available.

Low-Profile And Sleek

ReliefPal was designed with a low-profile character in mind, no bulge or bumps! Easily wear the ReliefPal anytime anywhere to combat the dreadful period cramps all women face.

Features Of ReliefPal

  • 3 Heating Settings.

  • 6 Vibro Massage Settings.

  • Comfortable & Discreet.

  • Automatic Shut-Down After 30 Minutes To Insure Your Safe.

  • Wear Anytime Anywhere (Portable Battery Included)

  • Say Bye, Bye To Period Pain 👋

What's In The Box?

  • ReliefPal

  • Extension Belt

  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Charging Extension Cable

  • Portable Rechargeable Battery

  • Battery Pouch

  • User Guide


 Q: Does the ReliefPal cure period pains?

    A: The ReliefPal is designed to provide relief and soothe your period pain, as we all know and understand there really is no cure. We are here to provide an easier period for you. :) 

Q: Will the ReliefPal fit around any waist?

   A: With every order we include an extra strap to extend the length of the ReliefPal, so yes no matter your size ReliefPal is made just for you!

Q: How long does the battery last?

   A: Included in every order is a portable battery, that is connected via USB to the ReliefPal. You are able to use any portable battery you chose. Although a bigger battery may not fit in the battery pouch. The standard ReliefPal battery will last for a few hours depending on the settings you are using on your device.

Q: Can I fall asleep with the ReliefPal on?

   A: Yes you can, we recommend that you don't. The ReliefPal has a 30 Minute auto shut off function, made specifically in case you fall asleep.

Q: How hot can the ReliefPal get?

   A: ReliefPal can reach 150℉ (65℃) on the red setting, the red setting is the hottest setting available.

Q: Can the ReliefPal burn me?

   A: The ReliefPal can reach high temperatures, if you feel like the device is becoming too hot on your skin we suggest you turn it off and use caution. There are 3 different settings to choose from, low, medium, and high heat. If this is an issue for you try wearing ReliefPal over your shirt or start using the device in on and off intervals at your own discretion. 

Q: Is the ReliefPal washable?

   A: Yes you can machine and hand wash. We suggest to wash on cold and lowest tumble. We suggest that you air dry the ReliefPal after it is done washing. Make sure to not wash the portable battery with it!

Q: I don't understand how this works?

   A: With our advanced heating and vibromassage technology, our device will apply high heat and subtle vibrations to soothe your pain. Don't believe us? Check out what our customers have to say...

Q: If I still have questions during use what should I do?

   A: Please contact us at support@myreliefpal.com, we will get back to you as soon as possible and try our best to solve your problem.